What kind of embroidery stabilizers are available to stabilize embroidery?

Jeder Stoff, der bestickt werden soll, braucht eine individuelle Stabilisierung, ein Stickvlies.

And why embroidery stabilizers? Can't I leave them out?

It's better not, because fabrics and meshes are not solid and rigid materials, the threads are flexible and movable in order to get a nice drape, for example in clothing. If embroidery is applied, the material to be embroidered, the material to be embroidered, is exposed to a certain amount of tension from the embroidery threads. This then leads to unsightly wrinkles and waves. To prevent this, the embroidery fleece is used as stabilization. They are available in light and dark, in light and heavy quality. In order to find the optimal embroidery stabilizer for yourself, you can often buy starter packages from retailers. And please don't use any other unsuitable materials, as you can do more damage to your machine than you save money.

  • Tear fleece: Tear fleeces can be carefully torn away from under the embroidery in any direction and removed with almost no residue. They are used with almost all materials. I personally use a solid quality for my cotton fabric.
  • Cutting fleece: They are ideal when great stability is required when embroidering; they are cut away after the embroidery process. Leftovers remain.
  • Iron-on fleece: Knitted fabrics, such as jersey and fabrics with a high elastane content, get more support and stability with iron-on fleeces.
  • Self-adhesive fleeces: They can be used like iron-on fleeces for knitted goods and similarly stretchy fabrics. Some delicate materials, such as velvet, moireé or terry cloth, are only applied to prevent frame marks in the fabric. Depending on the manufacturer, they can also be water-soluble and can therefore be removed without leaving any residue.
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