What color thread should I embroider?

Doesn't it matter which color I choose?

Yes, in principle yes. There is no requirement that you MUST stick to the colors from the color sheet. Ultimately, you also want to highlight the embroidery on your chosen fabric. For full embroidery files, applications and doodle applications that almost completely cover the fabric to be embroidered (fabric base), the color actually doesn't matter.

The situation is different with embroidery, which appears airy and light, where the fabric base is clearly visible, as with the scribble files. The color of the fabric is practically built into the design; it is a drawing on a light or dark background or fabric floor. The shades or eyes are then adapted to the background.

Thanks to Manuela for the great example and for allowing me to show it here.

Here it is clear that the design looks better on a light background than on a dark background. It should also be noted that the thread color has a great contrast to the embroidery base so that the figurative motifs naturally come into their own.

Tone-on-tone colors can also be used for abstract mandalas or ornaments if a subtle pattern is desired.

I hope this helps you a little with your color choice.