About Cyncopia

Moin first. I am Sabine from the North German lowland. I draw and digitize all my motives myself and so after a few years now has become a style of my own. My way there was not planned. But with family, dogs and health restrictions, only the HomeOffice was left to me. In rehabilitation I tested my drawing skills after 20 years and lo and behold: everything was still there. First I painted in acrylic and my pictures ended up on my website: Cyncopia. The name is derived from the blue color cyan and the word copy because I painted according to templates. But the course was too inflexible for me in the long run and at home I could not leave any color when I was required as a mom. And so I started on the calculator with the Adobe Illustrator to incorporate me, save projects, super practical. And as a trained clothing engineer, I happened to end up with a friend after years in a sewing machine business and then ran an embroidery machine. WOW. I had not on the screen during my entire education. Machine embroidery. And so came to the graphics program also a digitizer and then at some point the embroidery machine and the shop. The name Cyncopia remained. And so I'm so raging at my motives, but for reasons of time, generally no commissioned work. Enjoy browsing and embroidering.

In 2018 my idea was published by Wilcom and my scribbling style was also presented. Cyncopia – Sabine Schulz – Wilcom Product Blog

Sabine von Cyncopia

freelance graphic and textile designer