Hoop selection by size in the shop

Hoop selection

Choosing the right hoop in the shop system is extremely important because the wrong size may not fit into the embroidery area at home and therefore cannot be read. I am often written to say that the hoop is much larger than the 16x26 cm, for example. It was also measured separately. Yes, the hoop itself must be larger than the area to be technically embroidered so that the embroidery foot still has room to work and doesn't hit the hoop. You can find the largest possible embroidery area in the technical data of the respective embroidery machine.

Design information

Once you have chosen your desired frame, you will also find the technical details of the embroidery file there: 
  • The size: is the exact size of the design 
  • Stitches: Is the number of stitches in the design 
  • Colors: Is basically the number of thread changes 
  • Contents: Number of designs per size