Thread thickness for scribble drawings

The scribble designs are hand drawings in my own style. If I now reduce the file to the 4x4 inch frame, the drawing becomes denser. I'm editing this to a certain extent, but there are some compromises in the detailing of the drawing. These are often prominent places such as eyes, nose or mouth. All Cyncopia files are always created, tested and photographed with 40 count rayon thread because this is the most common embroidery thread size for machine embroidery on the market.

embroidered with the normal 40 embroidery thread

embroidered with the thinner 60 embroidery thread

But you can embroider the black color portion of the scribble designs wonderfully with the 60 thread. This brings out details that appear visually more massive with 40 embroidery thread. This can be done with all sizes, but the effect is particularly greatest with the 4x4 hoop sizes.