What are mockups

You see them quite often, but they are not always immediately recognizable. These are artificial embroidery previews on real backgrounds. This is nothing dramatic and has nothing to do with customer fraud. It only serves as an example for customers who cannot imagine the motif on finished products. This may sound strange to some, but it is a great help to others. I'm not a big fan of the mockups either, but I've often been contacted about how the motif looks there or there. So it's not about the embroidery, but rather how the design looks on certain projects. That's why I try to get a healthy mix in there. The real embroidered ones are always included in the product image, often photographed at an angle, and they are also essential for determining quality. So always make sure that the embroidery is actually shown. Unfortunately, that's not always easy. But you can develop an eye for it ? I'm now going to include the term mockup in the new images in my logo so that it's clear to everyone.

It is integrated directly into the logo, so you can tell that this pillow was not actually embroidered by me. But you can see how it works on a pillow. The labeling is for upcoming designs; existing mockups do not have this labeling.

This example is also a mockup, as many variants with different sayings are used. Here the embroidery is real, but the lettering itself is not. For me it is a sustainable form of material and time saving. However, the customer can still see how the desired lettering looks in the design.

For comparison, this is a completely artificial view of the embroidery, you can see the differences in shine. And photographed, real embroidery is never completely perfect. Also because the shadows can be seen differently or small dents or lint in the fabric itself.