1. I would like to have a photo or logo / graphic digitized, is that possible?

Unfortunately, I'm currently not doing any commissioned work at all. Take a look around the internet, many embroidery file creators offer this service. Pay attention to real photos of the embroidery projects, so you can be sure that the files are also embroidered and are of decent quality.


2. What can I do if I cannot log in?

You can easily reset your password on the homepage. Sometimes it happens, however, that the user clicks too often, and for security reasons the account is then blocked for 24 hours. Then just try again or write to me. If I have the time, I can activate the account manually or send you files in advance by email. Always pay attention to the time difference, I'm in Central Europe here.


3. When and how do I get my files from my purchase?

Depending on the payment method, the download is available in your account in a matter of seconds. Simply go to "Orders" or "Download" and download. NO mail will be sent with the files. With Sofortüberweisung, I will officially activate immediately at the following office hours (Mon-Fri 10 a.m.-12 p.m.). But of course I am often online outside of these times and also like to activate on weekends and on vacation. If you pay in advance, I will activate your account immediately after receipt of the payment.


4. What do I do with the downloaded ZIP file?

The files are put together in a ZIP package. Please ensure that you have a functional ZIP program on your computer, which is often available for free on the Internet. Usually a right-click with the mouse is enough and the computer asks where the package should be saved. But that can also be different depending on the computer. You can test it out on the freebies beforehand. If it doesn't work at all, write to me at info@cyncopia.com.


5. Can I get the file in other formats?

No, I only offer the formats listed in the item description.


6. I want to make my girlfriend happy, can I buy a voucher?

No, unfortunately I do not currently offer this option.


7. How do I get the invoice?

The invoice is automatically sent immediately with the order confirmation, but it is also available for you to download at any time in your account under "Orders".


8. Which colors do I use for the embroidery pattern?

Each ZIP file also contains a PDF color sheet with important information about the embroidery file. The colors are also shown in the order to be used. I always use Madeira Rayon yarn and the corresponding number is always given. But of course you can also use colors and yarn brands according to your taste. Please note that the color illustration on the PDF sheet never matches the same color as the original Madeira yarn. But it is always a good help as a guide.


9. Can I download the purchase files more often?

You can download the files as many times as you want. Please note, however, that maintenance work may be required from time to time. Nevertheless, it is advisable to save the file locally on your premises, because under certain circumstances this shop may no longer be available in this form at some point. Then I can't send the files on, the effort would be too great.


10. I accidentally chose to pay in advance, can I still pay with PayPal?

You can send the amount via PayPal to info@cyncopia.com, I will then activate the order for you manually.


11. Can I return / exchange or exchange a file?

Unlocked files are of course excluded from exchange. But there is an exception when a file is accidentally bought twice. Please contact us as soon as possible and you will then receive a replacement file from me.


12. The file is defective, what can I do?

All files at Cyncopia have been extensively tested by me for fabric material, quality assurance is very important to me. Nobody is infallible and I can make mistakes too. So if you have problems with a file, please describe the problem precisely, tell me the machine you are embroidering with and the format you are using. The more precisely the description of the problem (including a photo), the better help can be given. 


13. Can I sell Cyncopia design embroidered items?

Of course, you can embroider the files up to 500 times and sell the embroidered things as you like on the Internet. But I prohibit industrial mass production on multi-head embroidery machines. But note: reselling, exchanging or passing on the files, including parts of the files, or new designs with parts of my designs is prohibited.


14. Can I change the file?

You can leave out parts, mirror the design, rotate, combine with other files, just as you like. The size can also be changed on a small scale, please note these tips. But the files were not designed for a wide variety of software, but for your embroidery machine. So it may be that your special software doesn't necessarily open it. The same applies here: Reselling, exchanging or passing on the files, including parts of the files, or new designs with parts of my designs is prohibited.


15. How exactly do I enter the discount code / voucher code?

You can only enter the discount / voucher code under Edit shopping cart and the code must always be confirmed with the arrow. You can find a detailed description of how to enter the code here.

If there is no discount campaign, you can always use the total discount. You can find the corresponding codes and the picture instructions here.